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meteorologist lawrence karnow in the weather center. >> we have already seen an inch of rain in some of the wettest parts of the north bay already. this cold front just beginning to slide through the rest of the bay area. let's look at our high-def doppler radar and you can see it breaking apart. this is not like the storms that we had over the past few days. we'll get some rain from this storm system, but it didn't look like we'll see flooding. taking you for a closer look in the north bay you will see showers and a heavier cell further south toward richmond. you will see rain picking up here very shortly. novato, you have some showers there, as well. but this cold front is going to start to fall apart as it moves across the bay area. so everybody is going to see some showers out of this one although it will be more showery than real heavy rainfall and i think as we get toward the afternoon, i think things begin to settle down a little bit. the storm system is going to fall apart, may sneak into sunshine, temperatures mild and into the 60s. so no flooding from this one. just another passing storm before we start to dry out. let's go to anne makovec in mill valley right now.
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anne. >> reporter: it is raining right now in mill valley here in the north bay off of 101. and i met a hardware store where they are very well prepared for anything that may come. now, you just mentioned we're not expecting any flooding. we're expecting any washouts, just mainly more nuisance when it comes to puddles. boy, compared to last week at this time, it's drier. but people are going to be ready for anything because of the possibility of flooding here in the north bay. they also have materials here at goodman's hardware where you can sandbag if you would like to, as well. we do have a lot of rivers around here and bays that, when it is high tide, you see the water come up. but here, nothing right now. live in mill valley, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. we have traffic, rain, it's usually not a good mix but it's early. let's check in with gianna. >> we start off with a couple
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of accidents, one just reported, westbound 580 at lakeshore blocking two middle lanes. they are just headed out to the scene. also we have this accident westbound 80 at cutting boulevard. it is over to the right shoulder involving a vehicle that spun out there. no word yet if it's facing the wrong direction. so we'll keep you updated on that. we'll give a lot of spinouts this morning because of slick surfaces especially on the on- and off-ramps this morning especially coming off the freeway so give yourself some extra time or take it easy as you exit the roads. now, elsewhere we have some road construction just a couple of projects on the bay bridge upper deck near the incline. one lane shut down. also road construction on the dumbarton bridge and then coming out of the golden gate bridge. there is roadwork there, as well. no delays heading into san francisco. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 4:33 now. you're likely to find delays driving through the devil's slide area this week. last weekend's storms caused erosion along the road on the san mateo county coast. so they are working to shore it up right now. caltrans hopes it won't be a problem in the near future as
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the new devil's slide tunnel is almost completed. >> devil's slide is the most beautiful drive that i have ever been over and i'm kind of sad that the tunnel is opening and it's going to take away that scenery. >> the view is great if you're the passenger. if you're the driver, you don't pay attention to the view. >> the tunnel south of pacifica is expected to open up by the spring. and in santa cruz county officials hope to have one lane of the vine hill road open today. the road off highway 17 at scotts valley was washed out in the weekend storm. a whole section of the hillside just disappeared in the storm taking the road below with it. and you can track the storm anytime you like. go to our website, developing news in the east bay. someone shot and killed a bicyclist near a middle school in berkeley. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in berkeley right now. the search is on for the suspects. >> reporter: that's right. right now, though, we don't have a suspect description or motive in this particular case
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but i want to show you the scene. it is still very active. you can see there investigators, officers here gathering evidence. now, we did have video from the scene earlier if you take a look. you can see those officers also gathered around. berkeley police got a call around 11:30 last night that the cyclist was found near longfellow middle school off of derby street. when police got to the scene, they found the male cyclist had at least one gunshot wound and officers say he was pronounced dead on scene. now, back out live you can see these roads are still blocked off as they are gathering more information. we do know that this incident is being investigated as a homicide. we are hoping within the next half hour to get more information. we are hearing that berkeley police will be sending their public information officer out here to give us more details. cate caugiran, cbs 5. four people in the hospital this morning following an overnight shooting near lake merritt in oakland.
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officers found a 50-year-old man shot outside a liquor store on east 18th street just before 10:30 last night. covering the police, it looks like he was an innocent bystander. they found three more victims a few blocks away. one person is in critical condition, at least other listed in serious condition -- three others listed in serious condition. san francisco police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in his 20s last night. officers found the man just before 8:00 near grove and buchanan streets. the man had been shot in the stomach and leg. he died at the hospital an hour later. it is 4:36 now. a man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 16-year- old at risk girl may be in court today. oakland police say 30-year-old gary atkinson facing charges of kidnapping, rape and lewd acts on a child. today's hearing will finalize his legal representation. he may also enter a plea. the victim is a 16-year-old girl and functions like a 7-
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year-old. >> this is by far one of the most sickening cases i have seen in my career as a police officer that someone as mr. atkinson can take advantage of someone of this stature. >> that victim walked away from a group home in oakland a week ago. atkinson is said to have forced her into his home in san francisco. she was found on a muni bus two days later. >> you can help police in your spare time all while sitting in front of your computer. the san francisco police department launched a new website feature called the line- up. it shows surveillance video from cold cases including this violent robbery on san francisco's polk street. the line-up also includes descriptions of the crimes and suspects and ways to contact police to offer tips. >> that the public can basically reach out to us through social media and helping us identify who this suspect is.
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>> police got the idea after a san francisco giants fan smashed a bus following the world series. a widely circulated photo of the vandalism led to an arrest. 4:37. a bay area handyman held hostage, beaten and then forced to make repairs. it started at a home in morgan hill ended hours later at a san jose gas station. it was monday morning the 50- year-old handyman got called to a mansion near morgan hill. for the next six hours, a man and woman allegedly beat the handyman, threatening to kill him and forced him to do some minor repair work. the victim had done some work for one of the suspects' mothers two months ago. >> the work wasn't performed to the likes of the suspect's relative at the time. and on top of that there was a dispute over services rendered. the victim wasn't paid entirely. >> the suspects were apparently going to do more work for the
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relative. the man got away and called police. the suspects are due in court tomorrow. new this morning, clerical workers and longshoreman at the nation's largest port complex will return to work today after a 9 day strike. negotiators reached agreement to end the strike last night. the details have not been released yet. but it needs to be ratified by union members. the union was frustrated about shipping employers outsourcing jobs and the strike shut down 10 of 14 cargo container terminals at the nation's busiest seaport complex. >> going to get cargo moved throughout the supply chain in the country and get everybody those christmas presents for they are looking for in those stores. >> clerical workers who have been without a contract for two years walked out more than a week ago and thousands of longshoreman refused to cross the picket line. contra costa county board of supervisors are delaying a vote on whether to shut down
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four fire stations including ones in walnut creek, clayton, martinez and lafayette. if approved, the closures will go into effect january 1. it comes after the district burned through its cash reserves because of a loss of property taxes in that failed tax measure on the november ballot. the county's top fire officials say they will have to do even more now with less. >> we should have roughly 600 firefighters on our staff. currently we have roughly 250. so we're only at about 44%. so any further degrading or reduction of our service just puts us further behind the power curve. >> contra costa fire district serving some 600,000 people over 300 square miles. more stations could close this summer, as well. in other headlines around the bay, a proposal to buy a drone from the alameda county sheriff's office was sent to the public protection committee for further study. it's expected to hold a public hearing on the issue sometime in january.
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if approved, it will go back to the board of supervisors for final approval. san francisco police hauled a load of marijuana and pot growing equipment out of the house that burned in the haight- ashbury neighborhood. it took firefighters an hour to put the fire out on page street. several residents were displaced but no one was injured. the san rafael teen accused of trying to kill two people and stealing a car faces a plea hearing today. max wade's lawyer filed legal papers on monday. he objects to lumping both cases together. we are just getting started at 4:41. the latest in the negotiations to reach a budget compromise in washington. >> plus, less than 1% difference. why was the half cent sales vote recount halted last night? >> and the disney princesses appearing on your tv though for a price the only way you will get to see them for years coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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> it is. i put my umbrella in my car this time of so i'm prepared. >> you listened to me. >> i was listening for once. i'm prepared. >> you know, this is not like last week. we had those real big storms rolling through the bay area and strong gusty winds. today we'll see a little soaker early on and this afternoon things break up but we have already had over an inch of rain in the past 24 hours in some of the north bay locations. you can see this cold front work its way onshore right now. a bigger band of moisture off the coastline but still, we're picking up pockets of moderate to heavier amounts of rainfall if you are traveling along the 580 right now, watch out toward richmond, el sobrante, we are seeing good showers there. but that's going to push through and go south a bit. so out the door, we're expecting some rain early on
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this morning. but by the afternoon becoming partly cloudy, maybe a lingering shower but not much but then it looks like dry weather is going to return for the foreseeable future and i think the biggest concern will be fog as we head in toward the weekend. so a bit cloudy and wet around the bay area as the cold front finally pushing its way through the bay area right now but things are going to be settling down. around the state you'll find some wet traveling conditions out and about in the high country again the base is very high with the storm system so you're talking about rain at lake level and 45 degrees in lake tahoe, 53 yosemite. a winter weather advisory is up for about 6500 to 7,000 feet. that's where we're expecting snow, maybe another 4 to 8" of snow there today and that will last until about 10 a.m. that should be brought down. let's time it out a bit. the cold front sliding through right now. then it's going to slowly sag its way to the south so by 10:00, a lot of rain around the bay area. even some showers into the south bay. and then as we head toward the afternoon, it begins to break up and then i think we're done with the rain for maybe 5, 7 days, maybe even longer so this
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is about it. then we are going to catch a nice break. afternoon temperatures into the 60s in the south bay, 50s at the coastline, you'll see 60s also into the east bay so not a real cold system sliding on through. 50s and 60s in the north bay and then the next couple of days we'll keep the temperatures down but the rain will be gone. the biggest concern will be tule fog in the late night and early-morning hours but staying dry right through the weekend. >> thank you. let's head over to the bay bridge toll plaza with you traffic is not too bad. we are seeing a few extra cars on the road and it is a wet day this morning. so you will have extra busy conditions as you drive for your morning commute so give yourself some extra time. once you get on the upper deck, we have reports of construction. more on that in a second. elsewhere westbound 580 at lakeshore. we have an accident, no word on injuries. it's blocking two lanes there. chp is on scene. two vehicles involved. that may take a few minutes to clear out of the road. so far delays just as you approach the scene. also as you work your way towards the bay bridge as i mentioned there is roadwork near the incline.
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one lane shut down should be wrapped up at least by 5:00 this morning. elsewhere roadwork also reported both directions of the dumbarton bridge. they should have all that cleared at least by 6:00. not too far from there we're hearing reports of a traffic alert on highway 35 between 92 and 84. a tree down in the roadway has both directions of that blocked right now so we'll see, we'll get you updated on that, as well. we'll see exactly where that location is. chp is getting more information. marin county southbound 101 no delays from 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza into san francisco. that's a look at traffic. back to you guys. >> gianna, thank you. in your world, more protests in egypt today over president mohamed morsi's decision to declare his laws above judicial review. more than 100,000 protestors clashed with police yesterday outside the presidential palace in cairo. morsi was taken out by a back gate to assure his safety but
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is back in the palace today. in syria, battles between government and rebel forces are closer to president assad. there are reports of fighting just outside the capital city of damascus increasing fears the syrian government may start using chemical weapons. meanwhile, u.n. secretary- general ban ki-moon has hinted he would not favor an asylum deal for assad even as a way to end syria's civil war. silicon valley pioneer john mcafee is now in guatemala seeking asylum after spending weeks in hiding. mcafee, who founded the santa clara software security company, is wanted for the murder of a neighbor in belize. he says he is innocent. mcafee spoke to the "associated press" in a restaurant in guatemala city after sneaking out of nearby belize. 4748 now. new york police say a suspect is in custody and has implicated himself in the death of a man who was pushed on a subway track. ki-suck han died after being
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hit by a train at times square. han is shown in a confrontation with a suspect in a surveillance video shortly before being shoved on the track. witnesses say han desperately tried to climb back up on the platform but couldn't make it before the train struck him. >> just standing in shock not knowing what's going on. some people started running out of the platform, other people just stood there really didn't know what was going on. >> so witnesses say they noticed the suspect acting strangely before the incidents. in washington, capitol hill lawmakers now have less than 4 weeks to reach an agreement on a budget solution. if democrats and republicans don't reach a deal by year's end, across-the-board tax hikes and budget cuts will automatically take effect. house speaker john boehner offered a republican proposal this week. but president obama quickly dismissed it because it includes no tax increase for the wealthiest americans. >> the speaker's proposal right now is still out of balance. >> there's only one person out
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of 307 million americans who can sign something into law. that's the president. >> a "washington post" poll shows 53% of americans will blame republicans if the nation goes over the so-called "fiscal cliff." 29% would hold the president responsible. shares of pandora media fell nearly 20% in after-hours trading on a disurge asking outlook for their current quarter. the oakland-based internet radio company says it expects to lose between 6 and 9 cents a share in the 4th quarter. they reported 3rd quarter profits tripled to $2 million. that worked out to a penny a share and apparently not enough. "star wars" franchise is officially gone to disneyland. federal regulators have cleared disney's $4 billion purchase. lucasfilm. filmmaker empire behind the "star wars" franchise. sale was announced back this october. disney says it plans to may sequels to the six-part "star wars" series so get ready for that netflix has grabbed
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exclusive rights to show disney movies shortly after they end their run in the theaters speaking of disney. the announcement is a breakthrough for the embattled video service. this is the first time a major hollywood studio has sold the rights to netflix instead of a network. the deal goes into effect in 2016. alameda county elections officials have ended the recount of votes on a november sales tax measure. measure b-1 would have raised money for transportation projects. about 66.5% of the votes were in favor. but that's about 2,000 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed for passage. measure b-1 opponents called the recount a waste of taxpayer money. >> i think it might be a dubious legality but i'm not a lawyer so i can't speak to that. >> according to "the examiner" website, registrar dave mcdonald ended the recount last night and that's because the recount of 30,000 ballots turned up just 7 new yes votes
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making it unlikely the full recount would change the results. >> close though. it is official. nudists no longer allowed to bare it all on san francisco streets. sorry, lawrence. the board of supervisors gave the final okay to the city's new public nudity ban. several opponents stripped naked in protest. you can hear them there. they were all escorted out of the board chambers wrapped up in blankets. the ban takes effect in february. repeat offenders could face big fines and jail time if they take it all off in the streets of san francisco. after much debate the muni transit agency will move ahead with free rides for low income teenagers in the city. transportation officials approved the $1.6 million plan yesterday. a trial program will start in march and run 16 months to help low income passengers under 18 get on board and ride the muni. public outcry. why game wardens say they had
4:52 am
to kill two mountain lion cubs in half moon bay. >> plus a pesky problem. the small nuisance that caused bart millions. >> and barking mad. how plans to build a little dog park turned into an epic fight in one bay area city. that story and more coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health.
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now round of rain headed toward the bay area. look at the rain off the coast. that will push onshore later on. we'll have that and the rest of the forecast coming up. >> and chp working on an injury accident westbound 580 at lakeshore. right now lanes are blocked. i'll get you updated on that in just a few minutes. fish & game wardens say they had no choice but to shoot two young mountain lions hiding in a half moon bay backyard. the cubs were about nine months
4:55 am
old. on saturday, the cats took refuge under the porch of a home. state wildlife officials say the cats weren't scared of humans, which is a sign they posed a risk to people. the owners of drakes bay oyster bay company in point reyes are suing the federal government after being told to shut down. they were hoping for a 10-year extension on their current release but secretary of the interior ken salazar refused. the company says the decision violates a state water lease and 10 million oysters could be lost. the sound of gunfire may soon echo across the runways at san jose international airport. city council members have given the green light last night for a plan that lets airport workers fire off guns to scare birds from the runways that would only be as a last resort, mind you. if noisemakers and blankets don't work. oakland and sfo already do it. san jose has reported 180 bird strikes since 2009.
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talk about create testify. bart workers are using inflatable dancers to shoo birds a w it's to keep birds from laying eggs there. taxpayers are paying $5 million for them. that's $17,000 per nest for the birds. >> there you go. the fate of a dog park in the east bay is in limbo. they didn't have enough votes to make a move on the dog play area at astro park. nowhere along lake merritt are dogs allowed off leash. animal fans want to turn a corner at lakeshore avenue and macarthur boulevard into a dog park. opponents say it's the right idea but the wrong location. the city council will take the issue up again on december 18. 4:57 right now. mission accomplished. the deal reached to end the l.a. port strike. >> a violent night in the east
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bay. a bicyclist killed outside a berkeley middle school. we'll have a live update from the scene. >> how much rain you can expect on the way to work this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald we're live in berkeley where officers are investigating a murder after a cyclist was fatally shot outside a middle school. >> and get out the sandbags. north bay businesses ready themselves for the rain what to expect for your morning commute. >> and storm clouds moving in again, rain is picking up. how long will it last? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we have a traffic alert in redwood city, also a trouble spot as you work your way through oakland. details on that in minutes. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, december 5. i'm michelle griego. >> much, day. hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00. a developing story out

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